Pandora Opens the Treasure of Secrets (By Simmy)

Well, well…just when we thought the new Hollywood “it” girl Pandora, would put her notorious scandals to end, yet another one hits us. It seems that her name, meaning “all gifts”, has done her justice as she has brought all of us another “gift” to speak about. Now I do not mean gift as in a present wrapped in the prettiest bow, at least Zeus does not think so.

Pandora has caused the most talked about family in Hollywood fury as she let out personal information to the public. Witnesses say Pandora was seen partying in Los Angeles’ social scene this weekend, where her alcohol consumption got the better of her. Throughout the night she pulled off numerous rants about Epimetheus, her husband, and his so called cheating behavior. If that was not enough, the rants then targeted her brother-in-law, Promethius, and his fraud scandal with several other Hollywood elites.

TMZ caught the thirty-two year old checking into rehab early Monday morning, looking more disheveled than Lindsey Lohan in her rehab days. We are not sure if the socialite was reluctant or willing to get help for her binge drinking, either way we can all agree that in order to save her family’s heirloom, rehab is the best stop. An anonymous friend close to Pandora commented, “Pandora did not mean to act the way she did on Saturday. She is taking responsibility for her acts and hopes that her family can forgive her.”

As for the Hollywood family, we have no word on their standpoint in storm Pandora. I mean opening the box of family secrets was a huge no no… so we wonder why Zeus would even trust her with them. I guess they were bound to be revealed somehow, and who better than the newcomer in the family?

I say we should all commend Pandora for being strong enough to admit that she has done wrong, and hope for the best in her future. We love you Miss Popular Pandora!


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