Plato’s Cave

Here is a video of Plato’s Cave and the questions we grappled with this afternoon.:

    • What ‘shackles’ people in our society?
    • How is Plato suggesting that we free our minds?
    • Who are the people who are holding up the objects that cast shadows? What do the shadows represent?
    • How can knowledge transform our reality?
    • Are students free or are we compelled?
    • Is it significant that the ascent from the cave slow & gradual?
    • Can a person who has been outside the cave remain there knowing that others are still shackled inside the cave?
    • What does the sun represent?

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One response to “Plato’s Cave

  1. jamesroom964x

    I’ve recently been thinking that Plato, his cave, and Platonism in general may actually be blinding us to the truth themselves. Platonism offers a worldview based on explanations and narratives. There’s a story behind everything, if only we can uncover it. In a lot of ways, it’s not so different from mythical thinking. However, I think it can be dangerous to try to ascribe causality to all the random events in our lives. We have a natural predilection to explain, whether it’s why it rains, or the shadows on the cave wall. But some things don’t have explanations, at least not easily identifiable ones. Platonism often blinds us to randomness, we may indeed still be in the cave.

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