Mapping the Roman Empire

Use the interactive maps on the Roman Empire website as well as your notes and other course materials to create a map with a detailed legend.

1) Label the following places on the blank map and write 1-2 sentences about the significance of each one in the Roman Empire:

  1. North Sea           
  2. Germania           
  3. Thrace                       
  4. Rome
  5. Spain
  6. Gaul           
  7. Constantinople
  8. Britain           
  9. Alexandria
  10. Sicily
  11. Troy           
  12. Judea
  13. Carthage     

2) Using the blank map provided, indicate the borders of Rome at the following points in history:

  1. After the Punic Wars
  2. After the death of Caesar
  3. At its greatest extent                                                                                                                                                     

3) On a separate page, note the significant territories conquered during each of these periods.

4) On the left is a modern day countries menu. How many countries today would have been influenced by the Roman Empire (if the Roman Empire even touches the country, include it in your count)?

5) Click on the Barbarian Incursions menu at the bottom. Indicate on your map (using an arrow) where each of these barbarian tribes began their attack on the Roman Empire. Make sure to include these different arrows in your legend.

–   Franks

–    Huns

–   Visigoths

–   Vandals

–   Alemmani




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