Hercules is Home… Again! (By Harrison)

The famed hero Hercules has once again returned home after completing his twelfth task of capturing the malevolent hellhound Cerberus from Hades, the kingdom of the dead itself.

The seemingly impossible task was made possible simply through Hercules’ unrivalled strength and bravery. The modest hero pointed out in an interview with Pierce Morgan “without the impenetrable skin that I cut from the Nemean lion”, which he acquired during his first labor, “I would not have been able to capture Cerberus”. Whether true or not, it speaks to the character of Hercules. After twelve of the most epic of tasks King Eurystheus orchestrated, the man somehow remains modest.


As the son of the supreme deity Zeus, Hercules seemed destined for greatness. Hera, who many people speculate as being simply jealous of him (and let`s face it who isn’t), has endlessly tried to foil his destiny. These attempts include sending snakes to kill him as a baby, starting rumors suggesting the Greeks had captured the Amazonian queen, and entrusting a multi-headed dragon and a group of nymphs called Hesperides with guarding apples. These apples were later retrieved by Hercules in his eleventh labor.


Because of the troubles Hera caused, many people were not surprised when Hercules seemed to go mad and murdered his own children. When Peirce Morgan asked him about his trouble past, Hercules responded by saying, “what happened in the past is the past. I cannot change it. But I regret my decisions, and have since learned from it, and am now better equipped to handle Hera`s tyranny“. The murder of his children is what forced him to complete the twelve impossible quests for Eurystheus.


When asked what he plans to do now that his labors are completed, the hero simply replied, “I plan to continue embarking on adventures, travel, and spend time with my wife Deianara“. I`m sure he`ll be spending a lot of time healing his battle wounds (or lack thereof!), in his new home on Mount Olympus.


Hercules is set to be accepted as a god by virtue of his spectacular adventures, unmanageable for any mortal man




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2 responses to “Hercules is Home… Again! (By Harrison)

  1. Pauline Gray

    Beautifully written Harrison, I found your blog funny, love his interviews with Morgan and informative. Good job! Mom

  2. nick

    Harrison You’re so awesome

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