Odysseus the man amongst men (By Elliot)

“Where did Odysseus go?” at least that is the question on the minds of the mob back at home in Ithaca, when out of the blue he appears from the dust itself.  Apparently he told his agent that he was going to take some time off fighting to go home and settle down after the affair with Athena.  Word has it though that he was being “held against his will by Calypso” but let’s face it, the old girl has had her eye on him for a long time now.  Odysseus is a man of the highest caliber and there is no denying that his suave is that of legends in Attica.  “Let’s just say that things got a little hot” Hermes said to the press the other day with a savage grin and a sly wink, and that “If I had not got there when I did who knows how long she might have held him”.  According to Hermes he went so far as to confirm the rumor that Odysseus agreed with her that “she was more beautiful than his wife”.  Some of our more prominent relationship experts say that with something like this Penelope is better off with the suitors.   Though he has left word has it that he has been spotted dancing with princess Nausicaa on the Phoenician coast.  Where will this playboy go next?  How much longer can Penelope wait?  What relationship does Odysseus have with Calypso and the foreign princess?  All will be answered with our upcoming interview with Athena and Zeus, next week so tune in for the latest news!

Let’s face it does Odysseus looks more horrified seeing Hermes then fearing being stuck with Calypso. How can you expect to receive sympathy Odysseus? (Calypso and Odysseus)


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