Oedipus the Ex (by Nick)

After a media blackout of several weeks, everyone’s favourite train-wreck Oedipus made his much awaited return to the spotlight on last night’s episode of Doctor Phil. Fate’s least favourite king went into hiatus following the revelation that he had (kids, close your eyes) killed his own father and slept with his mother. In what must be the worst case of Karma this side of Tibet, this crushing reality was revealed to Oedipus after he vowed to search and punish whoever killed Laius, the previous king of Thebes.

Things got a little Charlie Sheen after this, with Oedipus’ wife/mother, Jocasta, killing herself, and then Oedipus subsequently gouging out his own eyes. All this in a whirlwind 24 hours. The break, needless to say, was understandable, but the anticipation of Oedipus’ return was intense all the same.

Yikes…..”Think youve got problems…? Talk to Oedipus…” This is the shot taken immediately after oedipus’ lover and mother committed suicide.

Oedipus approached Phil’s famous armchair looking much like the fallen king that he was; wearing sunglasses and tapping back and forth with a white cane. The audience held its breath. Sensing tension, Oedipus tried to lighten the mood by joking that he was happy to finally meet Oprah, but all that the audience managed was an awkward chuckle. The Doctor was careful not to step on any toes. He walked the straight and narrow with the questions he asked; he knew that any bad move would be scandalous. Oedipus seemed to be largely at peace though, saying “I can’t blame myself for what happened, and I understand that. I now know that I couldn’t have avoided what the Oracle predicted and it was foolish of me to try to avoid it.”


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