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Eily’s Colosseum PowerPoint

You can download Eily’s presentation on the Colosseum:  The Colosseum



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Cynicism: Be happy. Live like a dog. (by Eily)

Background Information

  • Originated in Classical Greece
  • Is a precursor of Stoicism
  • Virtue is the only thing you need for happiness
  • Goal of cynics is to attain happiness
  • Neglect everything (besides virtue): society, hygiene, family, sex, power, money
  • Believed that world belonged equally to everyone
  • Believes that suffering by false judgments of what was valuable, worthless customs and possessions of society
  • Word cynic is derived from Greek word for dog (because to be a cynic, one would live like a dog)
  • Become self sufficient
  • Live in accordance with nature

Antisthenes of Athens (445-365 BCE)

  • Founder of Cynicism
  • Pupil of Socrates
  • Contemporary of Plato
  • “I have enough to eat till my hunger is stayed, to drink till my thirst is sated; to clothe myself as well; and out of doors not [even] Callias there, with all his riches, is more safe than I from shivering; and when I find myself indoors, what warmer shirting do I need than my bare walls?”

Diogenes of Sinope (412-323 BCE)

  • Adopted Antisthenes way of life (self-sufficiency, austerity, and shamelessness)
  • Slept in a tub
  • Ate raw meat

Crates of Thebes (365-285 BCE)

  • Pupil of Diogenes
  • Renounced a large inheritance
  • Married and lived on street like beggar (with wife)
  • Taught Zeno of Citium (founder of Stoicism), had heavy influence of Stoic behaviour

This bust of Antisthenes, considered the father of Cynicism, demonstrates his Cynicness; shaggy, unkept hair and beard, and simple clothes.

5 Prescriptive Tips

  1. Cynics have no property. Reject all conventional values of money, fame, power or reputation.
  2. Cynics also live in harmony with nature, you must do this too.
  3. Cynics are the watchdogs of society. You must hound people in the error of their ways.
  4. Your body and mind must be at their top level. One cannot function properly without the other.
  5. All cynics are Cosmopolitan. If someone asks you where you are from, say you are a citizen of the world.


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Andromeda Caught! Love Affair With Uncle’s soldier, exposed! (By Eily)

King Cepheus’ daughter Andromeda (some may remember her from her almost death at the hands of the Kraken) has been caught cheating on long-time hubby and hunky hero of Greece, Perseus, with a soldier who was formerly employed by her dead Uncle Phineas.

Word of the scandal came out just a few years after the bloody battle slash wedding feast celebrating the union of Andromeda and Perseus, when a palace maid boasted she had seen the soldier and ‘Dromeda canoodling in the courtyard together, while Perseus was on a media tour promoting his new line of Gorgon head sacks!

“It was so juicy!” our source exclaimed, “There I was, just walking around, cleaning up sacrifices, when I saw them sneaking off together all mysterious and such, I followed them and they spilled all the deets! I even saw them worshipping Dionysus, if you know what I mean… It’s the shocker of the century!”


A cellphone pic snapped of the two lovers! Don’t worry Perse, there are plenty more fish in the sea… or maidens chained to a rock, LOL!

According to the source, Andromeda also tipped off Phineas’ men on the night of the wedding, hoping Phineas and his men could come stop the wedding and whisk her away from Perseus – but I guess they just weren’t fast enough to nab the Grecian beauty. Maybe they should ask Perseus to borrow his winged sandals, LOL!

Unfortunately, reps of Andromeda could not be reached for comment.

Oh and BTW, rumour has it our Gorgon-head wielding hero Perseus is the jealous type, so our soldier-in-love better run and hide as fast as he can, or buy a Gorgon sack to put on his head! LOL!

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