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The Pantheon (By Elliot)

Background and significance in ancient Rome:

–        The Pantheon was created by Marcus Agrippa during his time in consulship in 27 B.C.

–        It burned down twice and the final Pantheon as it is known today was made in 80 A.D. by Hadrian. Hadrian not wanting to take away Agrippa’s glory has Agrippa’s name still on it.

–        It is located in the city of Rome in the exact area which is known as the place where Romulus died, and was where an eagle picked up his body and brought him up to the heavens.

–        The Pantheon’s history is still not fully known, but it is known that it was a temple to all the gods, but the nature of the ceremonies done in its heyday.

–        The main reason it is in such good condition today is because possession of the building was handed over to the Roman Catholic Church by Emperor Phocas of Byzantine.

–        Today it serves as a Church and has done so since its creation, today though it has marble columns and other decorations to impress


The Pantheon’s Construction:

–        It was built only with the introduction of concrete into Roman construction, for it allowed them to form the basic dome which is its most important feature.

–        It was likely constructed by using intricate wooden scaffolding and the dome itself was made from a single mold of Concrete which was then reinforced with bricks.

–        The building itself is completely round save for the entrance which is a square.

–        The entrance has elements of Greek architecture in the form of a pediment, as well originally played out the scene of the battle with the titans.

–        The top of the dome is best known for its oculus which is a skylight and the only source of light in the building.

–        The building is built with a special concave floor which will cause rain to cleanly dry out of the building through an intricate drainage system.

The Pantheon Today

In Roman Times

The Oculus

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“You don’t need to have sex or material goods to live a life of pleasure, try Epicureanism!” (By Elliot)


What is Epicureanism?

Epicureanism started off as a humble philosophy based around the philosophy of Epicurus.  He was a great materialist in the philosophical sense and believed that the world is made up of tiny atoms which move through the void of open space.  Atoms themselves are microscopic bits of matter which come together to make everything in the universe.  He did believe in the gods as having bodies made of atoms, but these atoms unlike the souls of humans did not separate.  He believed in a state of being called ataraxia, or a state of ultimate tranquility, something the gods had achieved which he believed everybody should strive to achieve.  Because this state of being was so wonderful, not even the gods were interested in the lives of humans as they were so content with existence to care, and so people should not fear or rely on the gods.  Because of this pursuit of tranquility and the easy lifestyle he proposed many people even illiterate would follow his philosophy to become one the most popular philosophies of ancient Greece.

When being an epicurean, sometimes it is best to just enjoy some of the simpler pleasures in life with some friends rather than excess 

How to be an Epicurean?

  1. First of all, one must not rely on the gods, they have found ataraxia and have no interest in human lives, and this also means people should not fear the gods for any reason.
  2. One must not fear death, since everything is made of atoms, nothing will last the tests of time.  Once you die, your body will disintegrate and so you will not be able to suffer after your death.
  3. Live a life of pleasure with good food and friends, but do not overindulge because there is a measure to everything.
  4. People should set long term goals for themselves and try to determine the best way to gain pleasure in the long term, as it means one will be happier than simply satisfying the desires for pleasure in the short term.
  5. Finally Epicureans believe in the pursuit and understanding of philosophical knowledge and scientific knowledge as both come together to help one know the limits of our universe.


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