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Plato’s Cave

Here is a video of Plato’s Cave and the questions we grappled with this afternoon.:

    • What ‘shackles’ people in our society?
    • How is Plato suggesting that we free our minds?
    • Who are the people who are holding up the objects that cast shadows? What do the shadows represent?
    • How can knowledge transform our reality?
    • Are students free or are we compelled?
    • Is it significant that the ascent from the cave slow & gradual?
    • Can a person who has been outside the cave remain there knowing that others are still shackled inside the cave?
    • What does the sun represent?

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Greek Philosophy

“The unexamined life is not worth living”
– Socrates

Tomorrow we will be delving into the world of Greek Philosophy. Please read the following chapters on Socrates, Plato & Aristotle in the Robin Lane Fox textbook, and take notes. We will be discussing these philosophers and their ideas tomorrow:

Socrates: 169-174 

Plato & Aristotle: 201-212

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