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Minos Family Feud, Round 2! (By Connor)

            Yesterday Cretan diva Ariadne, daughter of King Minos, was seen jet-setting away from her island estate with none other than the athletic Athenian heartthrob Theseus. Ariadne must really be mad at her dear daddy for running away with the Athenian star of the hit reality show “The Labyrinth”, and son of King Aegeus. It seems like only yesterday that Theseus upset the Minoan favourite Minotaur, in the mind-twisting labyrinth to win the coveted crown (with a little help on the side *wink*), but it didn’t take him too long to move on to his next prize, Ariadne.

            Now the question that’s on everybody’s mind is how Minos is reacting to yet another family fiasco! It wasn’t too long ago that his wife, Pasiphae, had an affair with the hunky, “bull-of-a-man” Channing Tatum. Not to mention the shocking death of his son Adrogeus at the Panathenaic games! The family man image doesn’t seem to work so well without the family part… tough luck for Minos. The King of Minoan civilization himself, has been unable to comment seeing as he has been hiding in meetings with The Labyrinth’s producer Daedalus all week, however we can assume that he is going bananas!

            Rumours are also circulating that the Athenian heartthrob was just using Ariadne to help win the show! Is Theseus that cold-hearted? For Ariadne’s sake lets hope not because there is no turning back to Crete now. That’s right honey it’s full-steam ahead, but if Kim Kardashian can set a precedent, it’s that you can be out of this in a month! That’s all the info I got folks, but don’t worry because this bubbling blogger will keep all of you Mycenaean and Minoan gossipers updated as this classic clash unfolds.

XOXO – Herodotus (father of history and Greek gossip)


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What is the function of mythology?

  • Explains the world and natural phenomena
  • Teaches us lessons and values
  • Entertains
  • Provides authority and legitimacy, establishes a unified identity
  • A means of exploration

The Monomyth

An American psychologist  and anthropologist, Joseph Campbell, wrote a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949), where he researched heroic narratives from around the world and noted some interesting patterns. Campbell discovered several common basic stages that almost every hero goes through on his/her quest. This structure is called the MONOMYTH.

Since Campbell’s original thesis, other scholars have formulated the monomyth in different ways. We will be examining a few heroic myths:

  • Heracles
  • Perseus
  • Theseus
  • Jason
  • Odysseus

Mythweb is A helpful resource that recounts Greek myths in a very user friendly manner.

HOMEWORK: Read your assigned heroic myth and complete the monomyth chart. Tomorrow we will be sharing these myths with the class.

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Video: The Minotaur

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