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Virtual Museum Visit

This activity will enable us to explore the archaeological artefacts of ancient Greece and Rome from afar using the websites of some of the world’s leading museums. This activity will allow us not only to learn about the Classical world but also to reflect on our own ‘classical classroom’ – the Royal Ontario Museum.


The Royal Ontario Museum


You will look at TWO (2) museums online, one concerning GREECE and one concerning ROME.

Take a good hour or so to explore each site and see how each collection is presented and organized.

Make research notes (1 page for EACH museum site you explore) about what you have learned and what questions have been raised.

  • Was the collection well explained?
  • How was the museum’s design significant?
  • What years of history were contained in each collection? How was the collection organized?

In order to make this assignment interesting, you MUST include at least three (3) pictures from both ancient Greeks and Romans in the following categories: architecture, sculpture, and pottery.

You are to SUBMIT your notes, pictures, and bibliography (MLA format)

Present your findings to the class in a brief (5 minute) “tour” – try to create a vivid mental image of the overall collection. Explain the significance of your selected artefacts and why you chose them.

Refer to the rubric to ensure you have completed everything for this assignment.

Click here for the assignment and rubric:

This assignment is due on Thursday, July 5.


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